Campamento Mágico


Tiny, fluffy and adorable aliens. These little xylophone playing guys are all over the island and love to fly (and then crash) their UFOs. They’re little mischief makers, but so cute you just can’t stay mad at them!


Hedgehog is Oscar’s best friend, a booksmart vegetarian who also might secretly be a werewolf (Shhh!). She wants to be a scientist when she’s older, so an island full of unexplained creatures and magic is right up her alley!


Max is a super chilled out camper and cool camper, and good friends with Oscar and Hedgehog. He can sometimes be a bit ‘too cool for school,’ but deep down he’s a nice guy who will always help you out when you need it (unless he’s sleep or he forgot).


Susie is the head Camp Counsellor. She’s vain, bossy - and a witch! When she’s not using her magic powers to maker her own life easier, she’ll magically make the campers lives way harder! Maybe she’s just misunderstood?


Oscar is an elephant who loves adventure, pajamas and talking about his feelings with the moon. While he’s in no hurry to grow up, he’s brave and loyal to his friends - especially his BFF Hedgehog. He’s a curious camper, and can often be found exploring the island and helping out the strange creatures who live there!

Campamento Mágico